Bowl of foodservice Whitey's Chipotle Garden Vegetable Chili in a restaurant setting

Gluten-Free Chili: Something for Restaurant Operators to Consider

The demand for gluten-free foods is skyrocketing and studies show that by 2020 the market for gluten-free products will be in excess of $20 billion, which is something restaurant operators should definitely take note of. On the downside, chili is a classic American comfort food but a vast majority of recipes are not gluten-free.

Whitey’s is on a mission to let chili live on, even for those on a gluten-free diet, by providing restaurants with chili that’s delicious, easily prepared, and best of all gluten-free. This empowers restaurants by expanding their menu for diners on strict diets while also generating more revenue because diners aren’t limited to only a few options. Plus, a cup of warm chili is a great side to any meal, especially when it’s cold outside.

Over the years we have seen demand for gluten-free products spike and our goal here is to help educate restaurant operators on industry trends so they’re fully prepared and ultimately successful in the future.